So, you’ve got the job. Or maybe you haven’t, and you’re still looking! No matter where you are in your career, if you’re an entry, mid-level, or senior employee, one should always strive to grow and develop their skills. At Toledo Molding and Die, we are always providing our employees with opportunity for growth and development. If you check out our testimonials page, one of the most frequently cited benefits of a career in Toledo Molding and Die is the opportunity for continuous learning.

Toledo Molding and Die is a company that believes in consistency. We desire to treat all of our employees the same, regardless of their position. There are endless opportunities to learn new positions, skills, and departments. Toledo Molding and Die encourages professional growth in their employees through promoting internally. We know that we have the talent to get the job done right within our four walls, so we’re going to look inside for the right candidate, rather than bringing in an outside hire first.

We care about personal growth and development in the workplace because, as a company, we’ve grown a lot. Toledo Molding and Die began in 1995 as a single model and pattern shop. We’ve seen the complete spectrum of the industry evolution. This industry evolution spurred us to grow and develop as a company. We might have began as a small shop, but Toledo Molding and Die evolved into a global Tier 1/Tier 2 full service supplier of interior and air/fluid management systems. We started as one shop, but now we have plants all over the United States and one in Mexico.

We have our employees to thank for our rapid growth and turning TMD into the organization it is today. We operate completely in a team-based structure. This teamwork allows every person to share their experiences and wealth of knowledge. At the heart of the team structure is the desire for the highest customer satisfaction. There is no better feeling than when a part that a team has been working on designing and molding finally ends up in a vehicle or HVAC system.

Many of our employees begin as entry-level employees and work their way up. This is due to the promote-from-within strategy that we talked about earlier. At Toledo Molding and Die, we are all about innovation leading to customer satisfaction. The best way to learn is through doing, and that’s how our employees become quick problem-solvers, go-getters, and ready to work through their next set of challenges to advance to the next level of innovation.

No one wants a dead-end job. Even after you’ve been hired, there’s always a possibility to strengthen your skills and even to learn new ones. If you choose Toledo Molding and Die, you’re not just getting a job. You’re getting a career with possibility for advancement and lifelong connections.